Wristbands With A Message,
This email is to express my gratitude for the manner in which your company handled our wristband order.  As you know, we needed the wristbands before a big event this weekend.  You took our order, assured me the order would be processed in time, and it was shipped EARLY.  Everything from the order process to the quality of your product is superb.  Since the wristbands arrived early, we were able to take them to a pre-event where they sold like hotcakes.  The proceeds from the sales are going to charity, so we really
appreciate the way you treated us.  We are telling everyone how well we were treated by your company.  THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for the rush on my order of 75 wristbands. I believe the gentleman I spoke with whose name was Jerry?, said normally it takes 7-10 days for these to be process, but under my plea, he had them to me in two
days. Thank you again and God Bless you. I picked out a deep purple with " In memory of", Kenn Freunscht. I gave each family member one and close friends at my brother's calling hours. Everyone was touched by these wristbands. I wear mine everyday. In Jan of 2004, my brother Ken was diagnosised with Lymphoma Non-Hodgkins.
He fought a courageous 18 month battle. He passed away on July 10,2006. I will miss him with all my heart. I didn't want any of his belongings or expenisve things, I just wanted something I could remember him with. Thank you wristbands, these are very special to me and family.

I just wanted to thank you for getting the wristbands made and sent out for us so quickly! You totally made this golf outing fundraiser for Andy!!! With these Wristbands With a Message, everybody will know that they are helping Andy to get "Back On Course." (And you kept us on course by doing
them so fast). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Your new friend in Michigan,

We suggest your site to everyone because of your great service and on time delivery of our last overnight order.

We suggest your site to everyone because of your great service and friendliness ...We just love the wristbands for my wife's benefit.I would recommend you to any person that want the wristbands........Great Job  TMH