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Screen printed wristbands are a style of custom silicone wristbands that companies and businesses world wide, as well as small Mom and Pop businesses use for a variety of reasons. Screen printing is a technique where the text, message or logo is printed directly on top of the custom wristband, similar to screen printing a design on a t-Shirt. The message on a screen printed custom wristband is not like an embossed or debossed wristband. The custom message is smoothly printed on the top layer of the custom wrist band to create a clean and sleek message or clear and clean image of your logo, or custom design.

There are so many styles of custom silicone wristbands to select from. Our wristband customers have so many options and choices to create and personalize a custom silicone wristband, but screen printed wristbands are one of Wristbands-With-A-Message favorite style of rubber wristbands. The screen printing process is a commonly used option for many customers. Screen printed wristbands is a simple, yet effective way to promote and publicize a club, a team, a charity organization or a business. Over the years, Wristbands With A Message has witnessed a steady increase and demand in the popularity of customized silicone wristbands throughout the world. Fund raisers, marketing groups and businesses are responsible for the longevity of the demand of custom silicone wrist bands.

Think about it, If you want to make a statement, send a message to the large group of people, promote your product or service or simply increase awareness about a purpose or cause, what better way to get the word out in a cheap and inexpensive way? Personalize a silicone wristband will take your message to the masses. When marketing with a customized silicone wristband, the sky is the limit and there is a wealth of ideas to promote and market your mission, cause or purpose.

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