Color Filled


Color filled wristbands are Wristbands-With-A-Message most popular style custom wristband. Color filled wristbands are a debossed wristband however the text or lettering (your custom message), and logos are filled in with a special silicone based ink that will last for years, possibly a life time! The color filled style of custom wristband will let your message and logo stand out ... a great option for marketing, fundraising or simply a show of support.

Custom color filled wrist bands are highly crafted pieces, custom designed by our valued customers to meet any need, purpose or cause. Color filled wristbands can be made exactly how you want them to be created. Due to the process that makes a color filled wristband, Wristbands With A Message does require a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. But if you only need a few custom wristbands, the color creations option is an alternative to the highly popular color filled wrist bands.

Color filled wristbands became the leading style of wristband after the highly popular Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG wristband took the market by storm! LIVESTRONG bands opened up the the marketplace for consumers to have an inexpensive method to show support for a cause. Customers soon learned that custom silicone wristbands was the answer to marketing their products, service, promoting an item, making a statement or showing support for their cause. From consumers to business, churches, non profit groups and organizations, to schools and sports team .... people soon learned that the possibilities are endless and custom silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets are still incredibly popular today.

Wristbands With A Message manufactures millions of custom wrist bands for customers all over the world! For our local friends in Texas and our many far away neighbors from across the globe use the highly popular color filled wristbands to raise funds in a variety of ways. Fundraising efforts and community awareness programs are two very successful methods to raise money and support for a much needed and important cause. Silicone wristbands and custom designed rubber wristbands are a long lasting way to make a lasting statement and impression about your personal journey, your favorite non profit, church group or organization and certainly a fun and create way to promote your business. Color filled wristbands are here to stay! Orders yours today!

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  • 200-299 $1.39
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  • 1000-2499 $0.49
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