Color Creations


Color Creation wristbands is a simple solution to the color fill wristbands when you need a small quantity or you`re in a hurry. Unlike our color filled wristbands which take 7-10 days to produce, color creations can be made and shipped in 24 hours (rush fees apply). Color creation wristbands consist of two colors layered one top of each other. Once the laser machine engrave the message onto the color creation wristband the inside layer will show through the top layer to create the color fill effect. However, over time the outer layer will slowly wear off due to the special coating. This does not mean the color creation wristbands will not last for a long period of time, we just recommend you do not shower or swim with a custom color creations wristband so they will last longer.

Color creation wrist bands are a great alternative to our most popular style wrist band, color filled wristbands. Whether you want one, ten, a hundred, a thousand or more, color creations are highly recommended to meet your need. You can create fun and fancy custom message on your color creations wristband, add a logo or put words of encouragement. Many customers use color creation wristbands for special causes, fundraising efforts, mission statements or a show of support for a specific cause or need. Businesses often use color creation custom wristband as a business card. People LOVE brightly colored wristbands to display their web site, company name or company logo. Order yours today and custom design your color creation custom wristband.

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  • Quantity Prices(Per Bands)
  • 50min --
  • 50-19 $2.95
  • 20-49 $2.45
  • 50-99 $1.49
  • 100-199 $0.99
  • 200-299 $0.89
  • 300-499 $0.79
  • 500-999 $0.69
  • 1000-2499 $0.59
  • 2500-4999 $0.49
  • 5000-9999 $0.39
  • 10000+ $0.29